Step into Science Senior Phase

Publisher Macmillan South Africa
Print Price R 169.95
Print ISBN 9781431060467
Step into Science is Macmillan Education's new series of science activity books.The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for Senior Phase Sciences statesthat a signifi cant amount of time should be spent on doing practical tasks and investigationswhich are an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

There are three specifi c aims in natural sciences:
• Specifi c aim 1: ‘Doing science’
Learners should be able to complete investigations, analyse problems and use practical
processes and skills when designing and evaluating solutions.
• Specifi c aim 2: ‘Knowing the content knowledge and making connections’
Learners should have a grasp of scientifi c, technological and environmental knowledge and
should be able to apply this knowledge in new contexts.
• Specifi c aim 3: ‘Understanding the uses of science’
Learners should understand the use of natural sciences and indigenous knowledge in
society and the environment.
The focus of this Step into Science Senior Phase Resource Book for Practical Activities is
Specifi c aim 1: ‘Doing science’.
In order to fully appreciate the importance of this specifi c aim the nature of science needs to
be understood, as well as how new knowledge is generated through the scientifi c method.
The aim of the book is to instil the scientifi c method in learners and to develop major
scientifi c process skills. These process skills are developed through carefully planned
activities and worksheets.