Troupant publishers

Macmillan entered into a joint venture with Troupant publishers in 2007. This was to meet the demand for textbooks for the new NC(V) courses offered at public colleges. The agreement was later extended to include Nated / Report 191 courses as these increased in popularity.

Macmillan has a long history of publishing school books, with extensive experience of marketing these books to a diverse range of customers across southern Africa. However, Troupant’s expertise in the college market was unparalleled. During the 1980s when most publishing companies were focusing on school textbooks, Troupant identified a need for college textbooks. They commissioned and published a range of Nated Engineering textbooks, some of which are still in print nearly 40 years later.

Today, their staff work exclusively on content development for NC(V) and Report 191 courses. They have constant communication with college management and lecturers, monitoring feedback to inform the continuous updating of published material. During the past five years, they have expanded their traditional publishing skills to work with video and voice content to complement the traditional format of static text with illustrations.

About two thirds of our TVET FIRST books are published by Troupant publishers. Macmillan manage the sales, marketing and distribution of these titles in a partnership that has established our company as the market leader in TVET colleges today.