Supplementary Education Programme for Grades 10-12 learners in Mathematics and Physical Sciences or any other subject that is required

Project Plan:

  • Phase 1 - Planning
  • Phase 2 - Preparation
  • Phase 3 - Implementation
  • Phase 4 - Analysis of learner performance
  • Phase 5 - Report & Review

Learners will be prepared according to the following:

  • How to plan and prepare for studying in a clear logical and sequential manner.
  • Learners will be shown various study techniques especially for the subjects that require constant practice.
  • How to analyse questions for the correct interpretation and expectations
  • How to answer exam questions
  • Learners will be exposed to CAPS aligned study guides
  • The different learning styles and multiple intelligences of learners will be a focus of the lessons.
  • The learners will be captivated with interactive learner-centred activities to overcome misconceptions and reinforce difficult concepts.    

Design and development

Training of tutors on the classroom implementation of the material/lessons

  • MTC has an extensive database of qualified, well trained and experienced classroom teachers that we use as Tutors.

Appointment of caterer

 When sourcing caterers, we often look for:

  • A caterer within the community – for further upliftment
  • Freshness and quality of ingredients.
  • A proposed healthy menu
  • Contactable reference


The schools that will be chosen as venues, will:

  • be conducive for effective teaching and learning
  • be safe and secure
  • be centrally located for the convenience of the majority of the chosen learners to minimise transport issues
  • have an appointed groundsman
  • have easily accessible washrooms that are cleaned regularly with an adequate amount of toilet paper and soap

Quality Assurance

  • There will be an instrument for QA of learner support and teacher professional development.
  • It will provide both quantitative and qualitative information on learner performance and teacher participation.
  • This will inform future actions in terms of the successes and challenges of the project.

Quality assurance will be done by the following parties:

  • Client officials
  • The Department of Education
  • MTC Project Managers
  • Participants fill in feedback forms after every workshop
  • Participants fill in reflection forms after every workshop.


  • We will focus on the following:
  • Measurement of progress through continuous assessment consisting of practical assignments and monitoringRegular ongoing support to the participants in the programme through social media (WhatsApp groups, SMSs, email) and support sessions. We are happy to supply you with a custom-made proposal taking your specific needs, budget and requirements into consideration.