Publisher Macmillan South Africa
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Print ISBN 9781431028047
Using the Anthology of stories

•    There are 40 stories and each story is linked to a theme.
•    Each story is accompanied by a colour picture or photograph. 
•    There are suggestions for activities before, during and after reading for each story.


Stories are told during the morning ring (to introduce a theme), during the introduction of a phonic sound, and during outdoor play through action word association. They are also told to relax the learners before they depart for home.


Ensure that you are thoroughly prepared by collecting all visual aids in advance and reading the story before you present it to the class. Explore the meaning of any new or unfamiliar words with the class before reading the story. You can make flash cards with these words to use for this purpose.



  • If you are re-reading a story, ask the learners to recall what happens in the story.
  • If you are reading a new book, ask the learners to make predictions:
  • What do they see in the pictures?
  • What do they think the story/book is about?
  • What do they think will happen in the story/book?


During reading

  • Pause occasionally to check learners’ comprehension and to let the ideas sink in.
  • Let learners sing the songs and say the predictable/repeated refrains.



  • Help the learners to draw conclusions about what they have read through questions, discussions and activities.


Make story time an enjoyable experience ‒ choose stories and books that you know will engage your learners, read different kinds of books and/or stories, and re-read favourite ones.


For optimum classroom use, purchase one per classroom.