Coding and robotics week is always an exciting event at Macmillan Teacher Campus. In South Africa, the National Department of Education has released a new draft coding and robotics curriculum. During our coding week, we take the teachers who are attending through aspects of the curriculum. This session focussed on the engineering and design process in coding and robotics. The engineering and design process is one of two methodologies used to teach the content within the curriculum.

Each day of the week is dedicated to a specific phase or age group. Mondays are dedicated to early childhood development as well as to Grade R teachers. Grade R is the year before formal schooling starts.

Tuesdays we tackle the Foundation Phase curriculum and focus on teachers teaching the first three years of school.

Wednesdays we look at the Intermediate Phase curriculum and train teachers teaching from ages nine to eleven, while Thursdays we navigate into more advanced coding required by the Senior Phase and more specifically, teachers teaching ages twelve to fourteen.

The coding week programme has proven to be extremely popular and will be hosted again in July and October.