Macmillan Teacher Campus is contracted by the Adopt-a-School Foundation to render curriculum-aligned professional development training for Grade R practitioners, parents and learners.

The Adopt‐a‐School Foundation was established in 2002 by President Cyril Ramaphosa together with a group of concerned individuals.

The Adopt‐a‐School Foundation’s mission is to create conducive learning and teaching environments in disadvantaged schools with the support of government, the private sector, organisations and individuals.


Grade R practitioners in 4 different provinces are empowered, motivated and developed in their pathway to professional development through this programme. The parents and caregivers in the communities also learnt that children so young must learn through play and how important it is to extend the learning through play at home after school. A large group of young learners will indirectly benefit as a result of the growth and empowerment of these professionally developed practitioners.