The pandemic and its resulting wave of isolation and economic uncertainty have taken their toll. Some companies had to cancel the sponsoring of their learners’ support programmes, but one of the companies in rural KZN, Unitrade745, part of the Metair group, forged ahead and asked Macmillan Teacher Campus to carry on with the programme. The learners needed support during the pandemic, more than ever before. The learners also showed a determined commitment to the programme and we're beyond grateful that it carried on even when schooling was suspended.

Our facilitators and learners received sanitisers and masks and adhered to social distancing.

MTC is pleased to report that we have finalised the Unitrade745/MTC supplementary learner support video about this programme in this remote area of KZN. The video depicts the three-year journey of the learners’ academic progress, with the assistance of the Unitrade745 company and MTC’s partnership.

It was quite a challenge to organise the video shoot under the Covid-19 restrictions – however, we are very satisfied with the end results and hope that you will be too. Hearing about how others have thrived in the midst of chaos can sometimes offer hope and inspiration.