We use mental maths every day, and some of it is so ingrained we may not even think about it. Learners who can do mental maths increase their number sense and do maths with more fluency and ease. Frequent mental maths also helps learners build confidence.

Mental maths is a great way to stimulate and train the mind. A person who practices mental maths will find that their mind works more quickly and efficiently in general.

Mental maths

  • improves learners’ number sense which is vital for being good at a wide variety of topics in maths
  • helps learners to complete simple calculations rapidly without the help of a calculator for convenience
  • confirms mentally whether the number given by a calculator makes sense
  • skills lead to higher scores on tests, greater perceived intelligence, and greater confidence.
  • helps to gain a deeper understanding of maths beyond mere memorisation
  • develops logical thinking and reasoning skills
  • helps learn skills that will improve maths skills across all grade levels
  • assists to master skills learners will carry over for life no matter their profession