Can the learners work together?  How do learners conduct themselves?  How effective are you in classroom management?


  • Engage learners
  • Keep learners prepared
  • Boost their confidence

How to be an effective classroom manager

1.    Have a basic set of rules. Ensure that learners are familiar with the rules and their consequences.
2.    Let the learners know what is expected of them. Be as detailed as required.
3.    Parents must also be aware of the rules and they should be encouraged to go over them with their children.
4.    Be consistent with the rules by reviewing them and acting on them regularly.
5.    Practise professionalism in how you respond to learners.
6.    You will always have learners who test authority – make these learners aware at an early stage of the rules and consequences.

Effective techniques that will make the overall process easier

•    The lesson needs to keep the learners interested.
•     Always keep your word and practise fairness in your actions.
•     Have a positive environment by keeping the learners happy … seize opportunities for a good laughter.
•    Practise positive reinforcements instead of threats.
•     Practise what you preach – if a classroom rule is punctuality practise it.
•     Avoid showing your temper – if you are angry rather take a time out than acting on your anger.
•     Show the learners that you trust them by giving them responsibilities in the classroom.
•     Avoid negative comments that humiliate learners – it makes them resent you and can lead to classroom disruption.
•     Walk around your classroom so that you are aware of all that is happening within the room.