As educators, we work for a Department that already has a vision and mission. This is further fed to each province and depending on which province we work in we:
• learn the vision
• recite it at interviews
• ensure our learners know it
• display it in our classrooms and offices.


Why do you need a personal vision?

• It is a good system for achieving what you want in life.
• It acts as a map guiding you on a path of success.
• It helps you to make decisions when faced with endless opportunities, thus keeping you focussed.


• Think about what it is you want for the future.
• Where do you see your life heading? – do you have a life plan?
• Ensure that it is relevant to your life’s plan – either career growth, or improving the performance of the learners.
• Find a strong reason that keeps you on track; ask yourself why you want to do this, and remind yourself of the answer every time you stray.
• Include what you value as part of your vision as this can give you ownership.
• It should lead to fulfilling experiences for you.
• Make it interesting enough to not get you bored and challenging enough to keep you interested.
• Your vision should be an inspiration to yourself – DREAM BIG.
• Don’t confuse your vision with big words. Keep it precise and to the point. You and your colleagues should be able to read it with understanding.
• It cannot be a never-ending vision – set a timeline so that each achievement boosts you

Stick to a basic formula and craft your very own personal vision statement. An example, “To live life as fully as I can, grow my reality to match my internal growth and die with no regrets.”