As an educator, you have a responsibility for every learner in your class. A differentiated class is an inclusive class.

What is an inclusive school?

  • Celebrate diversity
  • Make the curriculum accessible to all learners irrespective of ability
  • Use creative ways to provide support to all learners so that they achieve their full potential
  • TEAMWORK – between teachers – between parents and teachers

How do I start?

Get to know your children – read all supporting and referral documents.

  • Employ differentiated teaching strategies to reach all learners. ????  Be brave – try out new strategies to reap positive results.
  • Make learning an experience that provides a skill for Life Skills. ????  Collaboration – share ideas with colleagues by supporting and helping each other. 
  • Adapt or die – be open to change.
  • Use your mistakes as stepping stones to success.
  • Panic is not the answer – reach out.
  • Have the highest expectation for all your learners.
  • Never lose your confidence.

Inclusive classroom strategies

1.    Define clear minimum standards for behaviour.
2.    Enforce those standards consistently.
3.    Deal with children who misbehave in a sensitive way.
4.    Create opportunities to listen to all children.
5.    Develop a ‘scaffolded’ approach to learning.
6.    Be aware of the specifi c needs of every child in your class.
7.    Provide support for them in ways which benefit ALL children in your class.
8.    Create a calm, purposeful learning environment.
9.    Clearly display timetables and key information.
10.    Use pre-assessment to inform your planning.
11.    Let children choose how to show what they have learned.
12.    Don’t make comparisons – every child is unique.

Every Flower has the potential to bloom