You don’t have to fear change

Change is inevitable. Some changes are small and easy to adapt to, while others are large and more difficult to process. No matter the changes, we need to learn how to anticipate them and frame how we think about them. By having a positive mindset and by understanding the scope of the change, we can adapt to it in a more thoughtful way.


• Let go of how it used to be. For many of us, we look to the past as a much simpler time. We have to let it go to avoid being consumed in the gloom.
• Accept that change is not only happening to me but it’s happening to everyone around the world, thus connecting us all.
• We have to grow, improve and move forward with the change.
• Focus on something positive to works towards – this can be your stimulus to re-energise.
• Each day has its ups and downs but focus on controlling your own actions.
• Speaking to others helps us to break the negative patterns and confusing messages that form in our minds.