Almal Verstaan Sekondêre ATLAS

Publisher Macmillan South Africa
Print Price R 289.95
Print ISBN 9781431032969
Solutions Secondary Atlas is the ideal atlas for Grades 8 to 12 learners.

 It is aligned to the CAPS curriculum and reflects all the recent place name and border changes. It offers everything one would expect from a school atlas, as well as:
• An index with cross references to old place names
• Content that was compiled with the main recurring themes of the CAPS in mind
• Modern cartographic design
• Detailed maps of places in the world that often feature in the news, e.g. South-East Asia, the Middle East
• Full-colour glossy paper throughout
• A map skills section 
• Maps, full-colour photographs, statistical data, and explanations in easy-to-read and learner-friendly language.